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  • How does your meal delivery subscription service work?
    When purchasing our meal delivery subscription plan please be aware that you will need to cancel your subscription before the next bill date. Every plan is billed weekly on Friday. Our monthly plans are billed on the Friday prior to the plan starting on week 1 again. YOU are responsible for canceling or skipping your subscription before bill date. If you are having trouble, please refer to welcome email on instructions for canceling / skipping service or contacting us at 888-Do-U-Keto 48 hours prior to being charged. We will deliver the meals for the time you paid. We have a no refund policy.
  • What makes you unique?
    The Keto Kitchen Miami takes pride in all that we do. Owner, Shari Sanchez, is a Certified Keto Coach and has extensive knowledge when it comes to keto. This is the reason why her Custom Plan program is the only customized keto program offered in Miami. This program calculates your personal macros and delivers food made for you! Every meal is tailored and weighed to fit each individual that is on the plan. This is why all of our clients get fast results. All of our pastries, sauces, and meals are made from scratch giving it a fresh unique flavor. We thrive on being all organic when possible. All of our food is always refrigerated and never frozen. Did we mention, we DELIVER FRESH DAILY?!
  • How soon can I expect my meals?
    All plans purchased after our Friday cut off date will start the following Monday. If you choose a custom plan, we will need to calculate your macros prior to starting you on your plan. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email including a questionnaire that must be filled out. We contact all of our "newbies" on Friday with macro information and recipes.
  • How often do you deliver your meals?
    The Keto Kitchen Miami cooks fresh and delivers fresh DAILY. Deliveries start on Sunday for Monday food. You can expect deliveries after 5 pm.
  • How does our food arrive?
    Food arrives in individual cooler bags with an ice pack. No need to worry if you are not home at the time of delivery as the ice keeps the meals and snack fresh for hours. Please return bag and ice pack daily.
  • Do you accommodate vacations on plans?
    Yes, we do accommodate vacations on our plans. If you need to leave town, please call us within 48 hours prior to you leaving so we may pause your service. Please call or text 888- Do-U-Keto. Whatever days we did not service will be given to you on the backend.
  • Do you have a storefront or another way we can purchase Fresh Keto Meals?
    Yes we do. We have a storefront located at 9640 sw 24 st. We are open Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5 pm and Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. You will find a large assortment of Keto Treats such as cupcakes, pie slices, cookies and our famous empanadas! All are keto and sugar free. We also have a Grab & Go Fridge where you may pick out pre-made keto meals for you to enjoy.
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