Terms & Conditions Subscriptions

Please Read Carefully

When purchasing a subscription plan please be aware that you will need to cancel your subscription before the next bill date.  We will deliver the meals for the time you paid. We have a no return policy, an administrative fee of up to $150 can be applied if needed for refunds exemptions are granted.  Refunds are to the discretion of management and not guaranteed. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PLANS WILL START ON THE FOLLOWING MONDAY.  If you choose a custom plan, we will need to calculate your macros prior to starting you on your plan.  Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email, please responds asap so we can start you on your plan with 48 hrs. of responding.

**Delivery is included for Miami-Dade, Homestead and Broward only.  
**Key Biscayne delivery not included, if you live in that area or any other not covered please let us know and we will adjust delivery**