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Keto Treats

The Keto Kitchen Desserts

Image by sheri silver

Guilt Free Life

Each one of our Keto treats have organic ingredients, and are made with the best fats to help you reach your daily fat intake.  These are so good they should be illegal! (Thankfully they're not)

Flan Cake

What are Dulce Treats?

Dulce treats are cuban inspired keto treats.  These are also made with the finest ingredients, just with a cuban twist.  We can special make all of our treats for holidays, work events, parties and any kind of event you are having and need something healthy for everyone.

Image by Meritt Thomas
Image by Reno Laithienne

Keto Treats Subscription Box

Our keto treats subscription box comes with 8-10 treats that you can enjoy throughout the month.  These boxes start at the beginning of every month, and renew every month until you cancel.  There are no contracts just some really good food! 

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